Maintenance, repair and modernization of infrastructures and roads within the boundaries of Çerkezköy Organized Industrial Zone; and maintenance of all buildings owned by Çerkezköy Organized Industrial Zone are provided by Çerkezköy Organized Industrial Zone Construction Department.

Regulation and maintenance of traffic direction signs, regulations of asphalting, patching, paving stone, and border – sidewalk of our zone are carried out by the construction group. Construction group is responsible for initiating tenders for infrastructure and road construction making necessary controls during construction period.

The total length of path that maintenance, repair and renovation works are performed on is about 52 km. The said works are performed on path within the boundaries of the zone under responsibility of Construction Department. As of July 2009, the infrastructure works carried out are; 54 km distribution line for wastewater, 40 km distribution line for storm water and 18 km distribution line for utility water, so totally it is 112 km.

The participant companies should take “Breaking / Excavation Works Permit” from Construction Department before they carry out excavation or crushing process. With this permit also sketch showing the current status related to infrastructure will be given to demandant company. Thus, potential negative consequences on infrastructure can be avoided during the process.

Construction Group serves 24 hours in winter for removing snow to keep the interior roads and linking roads of ÇOSB open.

In accordance with demand of participants rental service is provided for following vehicles, if it is deemed appropriate by the Construction Department

  • Blow Pump – Air Breaker
  • Grooving Machine
  • Gasoline Water Pump
  • Electrical Submersible Pump
  • Diesel Beet Engine
  • Generator
  • Tractor + Trailer
  • JCB Earth Digger
  • Tractor + Water Tank
  • Grader


Breaking / Excavation Works Permit (F-013)
Vehicle / Equipment Lease Agreement (F-071)

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