Natural Gas

Natural Gas Service is given to our participants by our Regional Directorate since August 2004. The main duties of “Natural Gas Chieflancy” are; operating steel and polyethylene network within our region, ensuring first natural gas supply to our participants who have demanded, controlling installations, approving additional or revised installations, operating RM-B and RM-C type stations where measuring natural gas and reducing pressure processes are performed in.

Our Region is supplied with 3 RM-type station which is directly connected to BOTAŞ Main Transmission Line. The natural gas which is needed by our participants for using Process-Steam and / or for Electricity Production is provided through this stations. In these stations, measuring the amount of general gas consumption of our region is followed by Natural Gas Chieflancy staff. In addition, also the control of consumption amounts of our participants is performed by Natural Gas Chieflancy staff and at the end of each month, consumption amounts are calculated and they are notified to Accounting Department.

The natural gas network in our region has been built with two different types of underground natural gas pipes including steel and polyethylene. Our steel network which is expressed with 12-19 bar pressure serves to our participants who need high-capacity natural gas and the length of it is about 20 kilometers. Our Polyethylene Network which works with 3-4 bar pressure has been built in second part of our region and its length is approximately kilometers. Except these measures, when we calculate other natural gas lines such as the lines which have been built between polyethylene mains supply stations and high-pressure lines of cogeneration facilities, the length of all of our natural gas network is about 90 kilometers.

Our Natural Gas Network is one of the first network established in our country within a particular region with the above-mentioned features. The processes such as renovation of old lines and /or increasing of their capacity, installation lines to necessary places are performed by staff of Natural Gas Chieflancy of our region.

Gas odorization process for natural gas which is odorless gas normally is performed by Natural Gas Chieflancy.

Our Natural Gas Chieflancy serves with 4 Operators graduated from high school, 1 Foreman Electrical Teacher graduated from university and 1 senior mechanical engineer Natural Gas Supervisor, i.e. it serves totally with 6 personnel.

Natural Gas Usage:

Our region participants must work with Consultants and Contractors firms which have been authorized by Energy Market Regulatory Authority (EMRA) in all natural gas installation works even if they are new gas installations or additional and / or revised installations. BOTAŞ specification is applied exactly on technical issues and natural gas procedure in our region.

When agreed Consultants and Contractors firms are notified to our region, period of transition to natural gas of our participant begins. The control of this process is performed by our Natural Gas Chieflancy.

Our participant determines and notifies Consultants and Contractors firms to our region. After that our participant applies to our region with a covering letter by filling in “Participatory Natural Gas Installation Application Form” which is given below according to the technical values which will be determined by consultant firm.

If the application is found acceptable, until gas supply is provided, our participant should pay “Security Fee” and sign the “Natural Gas Agreement”.

The other technical procedures will be carried out between Consultant Company authorized by our participant and Natural Gas Chieflancy of Regional Directorate.

Natural Gas Prices:

Our region exactly applies “Industrial Customers and Free Consumers Continuous Tariff” about the unit price for selling natural gas. There is no extra charge (additional fee) is applied on unit price in said tariff. So, our participants are advantageous approximately 6% than industrial facilities which use natural gas outside of our region.

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