We Want to Run Forward and Faster…

I have a habit of always beginning with good words. The positive energy in the beginning definitely helps me achieve more efficient and accurate results.

My first word is on pandemic. We are very pleased with announcement that widespread will start and mass immunity will be provided towards the end of the year. We hope that we will enter 2022, having left behind this nightmare of 2 years. Of course, we know that salvation from this disaster is not possible alone.If the countries that are still far from the vaccine are vaccinated widely, our world will be able to get rid of this problem completely.  

My second word is on industry for sure. I see that people like us, who have the task of making the world better, have not stopped working like a bee to bring out the better even in the most difficult and distressed times.

Look, according to the statement made by TURKSTAT in June, industrial production increased by 66 percent annually during the heaviest closures and pandemic conditions. When we look at the sub-sectors, we see that the index of the manufacturing industry sector increased by 72.3 percent.

In the “Turkey’s Top 500 Industrial Enterprises – 2020” survey of the Istanbul Chamber of Industry, which reveals the state of the industry in our country in all aspects, we have determined that 18 companies from our COIZ are again included. If we remember that we had the same number of companies in 2019, we can say that we work without slowing down in the most difficult times. 19 companies from COIZ took part in the ISO Second Top 500. The presence of 37 companies from the COIZ among the ISO Top 1000 companies is the proof of how we work despite the difficulties in the pandemic conditions.

As industrialists-exporters, another source of pride has appeared in the Chemicals and Products sector. 10 distinguished companies from Çerkezköy Organized Industrial Zone have managed to be included in the list of İKMİB’s 2020 Stars of Export. Our success in a period when world trade is struggling with rising freight and commodity prices such as the maritime crisis, container shortage and missiles is very important.

In other words, we have multiplied our successes in a period of widespread disease that has gripped every country in the world and closed it down for months, but the obstacles we face are never ending.

While we pay a higher price every month for the raw materials and commodities we import, the domestic conditions that force us are growing. While the producer price index of TURKSTAT is 42.89 percent, consumer prices show 17.53 percent. In other words, our inflation is more than twice that of consumer inflation, and we bear this at the expense of industrialists.

While we were running in high inflation, high interest rates and volatile exchange rate conditions, at the end of June, we were faced with serious electricity and natural gas price hikes. Energy, one of our most important expenses, was increased at surprising rates for unknown reasons. I believe that these natural gas and electricity prices, which burn us all, should be taken back and reduced to reasonable levels. My demand is actually the sincere demand of millions of industrialists across the country.

I wish my dear industrialist friends healthy production days when all kinds of troubles are left behind.

COIZ Chairman of the Board

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