We Have Trouble in Understanding Somethings

A great textile manufacturer, who is a close friend of mine, while giving his/ her speech at a conference, said, “Industrialists must be hidden and protected in cotton wool” and received great applause.

Really it is. If you look closely, you will be surprised to see that the production in each factory is actually the emergence of a miracle. Many people have a lot of hard work, sweat and effort at every stage of the product’s supply as raw material, its production and exporting to a seller in a country thousands of kilometers away. At every step, unimaginable difficulties and obstacles arise in front of the industrialist. Our hero industrialists manage to overcome all of them by struggling for this throughout their lives.

We are breaking production and export records during the pandemic period. About 70 percent of the exports are made directly by our industrialist brothers. 31 of our companies from Cerkezköy OIZ were included in the list of TİM 1000 exporters. In other words, we are shouldering the export as well as the production. The appreciation and support we receive from all levels, especially our President, makes us happy. Our enthusiasm and ambition to work are multiplying, our desire to continue our work forever is growing.

While we are moving at such a pace, some unexpected decisions and practices that we cannot understand come upon us and we are stunned. In the past weeks, we have experienced the developments that shocked the whole community, one after the other.

The first of these, as you can imagine, was the decision to increase the industrial natural gas by 49%. The impact of such a high and sudden hike on costs is clearly evident. This hike reaches 78 percent in some sectors, and the rate of increase since the beginning of the year has reached 150 percent. The same rate hike for natural gas used in electricity generation will soon appear as a high rate electricity hike.

I had objected to the high rate hikes in natural gas and electricity a few months ago, in my writings at the time, and emphasized our demand for these hikes to be withdrawn. Regarding the current natural gas hike, all our industrialists expressed their objections, to say the least, on every platform.

In the meantime, the developments that disturbed us did not stop there. The high rate and successive hikes in fuel, the rapid and unbalanced rise and fluctuations in the exchange rate are upsetting our daily production plans and calculations. It forces us to sit down and make new planning and income-expense calculations every day.

While we were continuing our daily activities under these conditions, a sudden draft legislation contributed to lowering our morale level. As an example to the world, a draft was prepared that envisaged the transfer of the management of Organized Industrial Zones, where the industrialist successfully managed himself, to the Governors and District Governors. We presented to the Ministry of Industry and Technology in detail why we did not adopt such a regulation, which is not supported or opposed by any person or institution who knows the operation of OIZs and admires the enviable management style. We hope that it is understood that a wrong step is being taken and that this grave mistake will be reversed.

I wish my esteemed industrialist friends healthy production days when all kinds of troubles are left behind.

COIZ Chairman of the Board

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