Corporate and Contribution of Our Region To Turkey Economy


Çerkezköy Organized Industrial Zone is one of the largest and most established industrial zone in Turkey with its approximately 1,273 hectares of land within two municipal boundaries. Said municipalities are Çerkezköy and Kapaklı district towns.

Our region has the feature of being the development area due to its proximity to İstanbul and extensive transport facilities.

There are a total of 354 industrial parcels within the region and 328 industrial establishments are in production, construction and project stages. 44 of these facilities belong to foreign investors.

Approximately 80.000 persons are employed in our firms.

COIZ, within the framework of OIZ Law and Regulation No. 4562 and starting from the revision of the zoning plans, finalization of the demands of the participants regarding the construction, conducts social activities for participants and other citizens through fire services for emergencies and environmental management services, conducting works within the scope of regional security including infrastructure, electricity, natural gas and water distribution services, the budget and financing of the works, including the monitoring of the waste water treatment of the participant companies, monitoring of the channel connections.

Main Services, given to the factories in the region by COIZ, are expressed below:

Electric, Water and Natural Gas Services
Zoning Services
Substructure and Constructing Services
Environmental Management Services
Financial Services
Institutional Communication Services
Administrative Services
Human Resources and Training Services
Information Technologies Services
Garden – Landscape Works
Energy Management Works
Social-Cultural Service

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