Electricity Distribution Service

Çerkezköy Organized Industrial Zone has got the “OIZ Electricity Distribution License” for 49 years with the license number ED-OSB / 2139-18 / 1517 and dated 25.06.2009 to operate electricity distribution within the boundaries of the region.

The electricity requirement of our region is supplied with a total of 19 feeders; 1 of them is 100 MVA, 154 kV Çerkezköy OIZ Transformer Center in the 154 kV Çerkezköy Transformer Center operated by TEİAŞ, 3 of them is 100 MVA transformers, and 2 of them 100 MVA transformers in the 154 kV Çerkezköy Energy Transformer Center commissioned in 2019 and operated by our Zone.

In order to provide better quality electrical energy to our participants;

  • Revision of a part of the 1st Part Electricity Distribution System in 2007,
  • Revision of the 2nd Part Electricity Distribution System in 2010,
  • Revision of the remainder of the 1st Part Electricity Distribution System in 2019 were completed and the electrical energy needs of the participants started to be met entirely through underground energy transmission lines.

With commissioning of the Electricity Distribution System SCADA and AMR (Automatic Meter Reading System) in 2010;

• By recording the 15-minute consumption data of the electricity meters based on billing, it has been ensured that our participants can quickly access retrospective consumption data and make cost calculations quickly.

• Through the fault detection signals and data received from the field, the number of electrical failures that may be affected by our participants has been reduced by detecting and intervening in advance.

• Through the remote meter reading system, electricity meters that were read manually before have been automatically read, saving time and minimizing the loss of work force.

• Our Zone and Participants have been financially benefited by monitoring the electricity losses and leaks in the Zone on an hourly, daily, weekly and monthly basis with the reports created within the scope of the Remote Meter Reading System.

• By sending a notification e-mail to our participants who have exceeded the daily Electric Reactive Penalty and penalty limits via the SCADA System, our participants are monitored reactive consumption, given time to intervene and prevented from paying extra fines.

• By monitoring the Energy Quality Recorders within the scope of the SCADA system, ensuring the legal values within the scope of the Regulation on the Supply Continuity, Commercial and Technical Quality of the Electric Energy Provided in the Distribution System, increasing the Electric Energy Quality, which is important for production, and providing quality electrical energy service to the participants.

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