Quality Policy

  • Within the framework of laws, regulations and official standards, determining the needs of our participants and staff in a timely manner and meeting them in the fastest way possible, ensuring maximum and continuous satisfaction,

  • To take continuous improvement measures within the framework of Total Quality Management, with the understanding of team spirit, with risk analysis and periodic audits,

  • To improve our efficiency and speed so that the services are of high quality and at the same time,

  • To design continuous development and improvement projects to increase the competitive power of our participants,

  • To solve possible problems, which may arise, in the fastest and most economical way,

  • Observing the interests of our country, our Participants and Employees,

  • To improve the quality awareness of our staff and to ensure its sustainability,

  • To follow and apply the technology

  • To ensure the development of awareness, knowledge and practices in the fields of Occupational Health and Safety and Environmental Protection, to take protective measures,

  • Developing our corporate processes and common processes with our stakeholders in accordance with the evolving conditions and expectations of the day,

  • To supply all the necessary resources to ensure the continuity of our quality and to use these resources by protecting the environment,• To do the necessary research and development to increase the attractiveness of our industrial zone for investors,

  • To carry out innovative studies with social and technical content for the development of both our employees and participating companies,

  • To provide a friendly service.

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