Human Rights Policy

  • It bases its commitments regarding Human Rights on the United Nations Global Compact and the United Nations Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

  • An integral part of the Code of Ethics is human rights. It expects all employees and business partners to act in accordance with these principles and the COIZ Human Rights policy.

  • It complies with the provisions of national and international legislation on human rights and demands that its business partners also comply.

  • It conducts its work in a way that respects all legal requirements and respects the rights and dignity of all people.

  • It pays attention to treat its employees equally by offering equal opportunities without discrimination based on religion, language, race, sect, age, color, nationality, social origin or gender.

  • On the basis of competence and experience in human resource selection ; on the basis of competence, performance and seniority in remuneration and promotion processes are acted.

  • Cerkezkoy Organized Industrial Zone Directorate does not accept forced labor.

  • It does not employ child labor within the Institution. It demands that its business partners also abide by this rule.

  • It complies with the provisions of the legislation and fulfills the requirements regarding the protection of personal information of employees, participating companies and other stakeholders.

  • It provides its employees with a safe working environment that is free from maltreatment, discrimination, harassment, abuse or violence and respects freedom of expression.

  • It develops regulations in accordance with the Occupational Health and Safety Legislation and attaches importance to raising the awareness of its employees on this issue.

  • It observes the rights of the people living in the regions where it operates, takes measures against rights violations and manages the related risks.

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