Our Quality Policy

  • As Senior Management and Lab Management we undertake that we will do followings;
  • We will perform analyses required by our customers within the enterprise primarily on the basis of the standard method and we will ensure the accuracy of the method of quality control studies.
  • We will act by adopting the basic principles such as independence, impartiality and confidentiality.
  • We will always follow technological developments and we will adjust them to our studies.
  • We will ensure quality and reliability in analyzes which are performed with good professional and technical applications, ensure complying with TS EN ISO / IEC 17025 standard and continuity and we will take these analyzes under responsibility and assurance of laboratory management and senior management.
  • We will make trainings permanent to raise the quality; we will minimize complaints by taking feedback from our customers and reduce the measurement uncertainty gradually.
  • We will make our employees learn quality documentation, implement policies and procedures by providing continuous training for our employees.
  • We will use the most appropriate materials and techniques and we will take measures for enhancing awareness of environmental protection and for protecting the environment from all kinds of damages.
  • We will ensure quality control of analytical results with internal quality control tests which are performed at certain time intervals and with inter-laboratory comparison tests. Also we will increase the reliability of our result

Environmental Facilities Laboratory Contact Information
Tel & Fax: 0282 747 65 23 (4 Lines)

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