Steps to be Taken Respectively for New Subcriptions

  • Filing a written application for energy permit, (It should include information on the block, parcel, requested power kVA, usage rate and time.)
  • Preparation of projects according to the energy permit received,
  • Approval of the prepared projects by the institution authorized by the Ministry of Energy and Natural Resources,
  • Field manufacturing according to the approved project,
  • Obtaining the building license for the construction site electricity subscription and the building occupancy permit for permanent subscription,
  • Making an Electricity Retail Sales Contract and Connection Agreement with our Zone,
  • Completing the security deposit transactions with the Financial Affairs Department of our Zone,
  • Making an application for the connection of the facility to the distribution system,
  • After the field productions are completed in accordance with the project for YG facilities, the provisional acceptance documents are prepared in full and submitted to the institution authorized by the Ministry of Energy and Natural ResourcesProvisional acceptance procedures,
  • The facility will be energized after the preparation of the provisional acceptance report and document control.

Necessary forms for providing electricity service to subscribers

Electrical Engineering Liability Certificate (F-080)
Required Documents List for Approval, Acceptance and Energizing of Transformers (F-367)
Required Documents List for Generator Project Approval and Provisional Acceptance (F-368)
List of Documents Required for Project Approval and Energization of LV Facilities (F-57)
Request Petition for Energy Permit Certificate
Substation Building or Monoblock Kiosk Place Pre-Approval Request Petition
Project Approval Request Petition
Request for Provisional Acceptance

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