Services and Conveniences Ensured by Cerkezkoy Organized Industrial Zone

  • Providing distribution services consisting of connection and system usage services to the participants without any discrimination between equal parties,

  • Operation and maintenance of the local electricity distribution system to provide uninterrupted service 24 hours a day, 365 days a year,

  • Providing quality and affordable electricity supply to our participants within the scope of the relevant legislation,

  • Following the transactions of the participants who want to use the Eligible Consumer right,

  • Meeting the construction site, AG and OG energy demands of participating companies,

  • Examination of electrical projects prepared according to the incoming demand,

  • Within the scope of the authority given by the Ministry of Energy and Natural Resources, approval of YG and Generator projects, making temporary and final acceptance procedures,

  • Commissioning of completed facilities,

  • Reading the electricity consumption indices of participating companies within the scope of OSOS and issuing their invoices,

  • Article 27 of the Law on the Amendment of Some Laws and Decree Laws for the Purpose of Improving the Industry and Supporting Production, published in the Official Gazette No. 30111 on 01.07.2017 and Article 27 of the Law No. 3093) (c) to ensure that the industrial registration certificate information is kept up-to-date and that they benefit from the TRT share exemption,

  • Subscribing and dismissing the participants,

  • Giving the necessary permissions of the Electricity Generation Plants (RES, GES, etc.) to be established by the participants within the scope of the relevant legislation and following the procedures for the connection of the electricity generation facilities to the distribution system

  • Preparation of COIZ electricity sales contracts and System Connection Agreements,

  • Performing necessary checks and maintenance in order to minimize the loss-leakage rates,

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